Jane Fonda wins millions of hearts after her 1979 Oscar speech in sign language goes viral


Jane Fonda is an amazing artiste. But recently, one of her short video is going viral and she has proved yet again, that she is a great human too. In this short video, young Fonda is delivering her acceptance speech. Jane’s generosity is so nice that you delivered the speech both verbally and in sign language. She did this so that people who are deaf can understand what she means.

Moreover, she also explains the pain and grief people who are dead suffer. She also explains the importance of such gestures for the people who cannot hear.

What is the reaction of fans on young Fonda’s speech?

Obviously, fans went crazy and appreciated Fonda a lot. Fans said that Jane has been an activist since  long time. Another fan said that Jane has spoke against white supremacists. One fan added that she has been great voice for LGBTQ community. This same fan said that being a such a loud voice at that young age is a mark of a queen. Jane was arrested in her 80’s for protesting along in one of the activists moment.

Jane’s speech is still as powerful as it was 41 years ago. Her speech not only teaches the importance of such signs but also speak a lot about her simplicity. Not every artiste who took a ponder of Oscar is like this.

Credit: Twitter

Jane Fonda is non-stoppable, she is still winning millions of hearts

Recently, Fonda was awarded in Golden Globes. The actress is still active in the entertainment industry. Jane actively participate in various activisms. Recently she posted a picture of her while attending Eve of Cecil B. Jane keeps on coming on screens and give interviews on various topics. She also appeared on The Ellen show recently in Feb. Below are few pictures from Eve of Cecil B

Jane Fonda Golden Globes Cecil B Demille Award

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