Katy Perry Made A Rather Bold Remark About Herself On American Idol!


Fans discovered something surprising about singing sensation Katy Perry as she revealed that herself in the newest episode of the singing reality show, American Idol.  The singer made the episode all the more interesting as she called herself something shocking!

Katy Perry Called Herself Insecure Jones In The Newest Episode Of American Idol!

Katy Perry went all candid and pointed her some of her own vulnerabilities while critiquing the performance of college student Erika Perry. Erika Perry grabbed eyeballs when she made her entry in a marabou-trimmed robe and joked about how Katy Perry could be her sister!

The singing sensation soon joined her in the performance. Erika made some bold statement about showing her nether regions and also confessed that she has come on the show to get back at the bullies and her ex- who dumped her right before the audition! While keeping the safety protocols in mind, Kate Perry joined Erika from a distance.

Katy Perry

The Singing Sensation Admitted That She Was Insecure For A Long Time!

While talking about her own issues, Katy Perry admitted that just like Erika even she struggled with her own insecurities and though she was not good enough and no one believed in her. The whole thing took an emotional turn as the contestant couldn’t conceal her tears as she was selected to go Hollywood and it sure was an inspirational moment for all!

However, Luke Bryan was not quite thrilled about Erika’s performance and  voted against her going to Hollywood. The Roar hitmaker shared her won fear with Erika while also asking her to call her ex on camera and tell him that she is going to Hollywood! Unfortunately, Erika deleted her ex number but went on camera to tell him that she is going to Hollywood after all!

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