Outriders demo increased pre-order sales as game lands in Top Ten on Steam


It was able to achieve this in just three days

The demo for People Can Fly’s Outriders has dashed past the top selling games chart on Steam after just 3 days. Releasing the demo has also greatly increased the number of pre-orders on the cooperative action RPG.

The game is created by Bulletstorm‘s developers People Can Fly and published by Square Enix, and is a sci-fi action-adventure RPG similar to that of Destiny and Anthem where players can team up in squads to fight enemies and earn loot across multiple platforms. The excitement surrounding the game first started in February 2020 when the first trailer dropped, with Xbox releasing another trailer on February 25, 2021, before launching the demo.

Soaring success

The Outriders
Square Enix

Following the free demo’s release on Steam, pre-orders for Outrider started skyrocketing and the game ended up in the top ten best-sellers chart. Outrider is currently placed at number 7 in the best-selling game list on Steam. Aside from OutridersStardew Valley is also placed in the top ten best-sellers, at number 6, following a 50% discount in celebration of the game’s fifth anniversary. Two of the top ten chart spots is taken by Persona 5 Strikers while the early access survival game Valheim continues to stay at number 1 after a sudden increase in popularity.

A good time to launch

The Outriders
Square Enix

The developers did the right thing to launch  Outriders at this time as EA has shut down  Anthem for good and Destiny is going through major updates, leaving players restless for loot-based shooter games. Upcoming loot-based shooters Diablo 4 and the remastered Diablo 2: Resurrection will be coming either in late 2021 or early 2022.

What remains to be seen is whether all this pre-release numbers will reflect the overall success of the game. Following the disastrous entry of Cyberpunk 2022, gamers are wary of not getting too hyped over a game’s release.

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