Owing to Online Harassment from ‘The Bachelor’ Fans, Rachel Lindsay Quits Social Media


In the modern era that is full of social media, every other person is available online. There are tons of celebrities who use Instagram to promote or to interact with fans. Some appreciate their efforts and some goes in the wrong directions of the comment.

People on social media are there mainly for two reasons. Some greatly are addicted to it and some use it for their work flowing. Many people also use it for wrong purposes like harassing others socially. Mainly the celebrities are targeted. Some keep it in a light mood and some eventually quit due to this.

In recent times due to this kind of online harassment Rachel Lindsay has deleted her Instagram to keep her away from these.

Media personality Rachel Lindsay, who was “The Bachelor” establishment’s first-since forever Black lead in 2017. She came into fame due to this show. The female star has now erased her Instagram account because of all the harassment and disdain she has gotten from the fans of the show.


It all started due to an interview

The online badgering follows Lindsay’s “Extra” meet with “The Bachelor” have Chris Harrison, during which he safeguarded current candidate Rachael Kirkconnell, who has been enduring an onslaught for re-emerged photographs of her in participation at a before the war ranch themed organization formally. The take of Rachel Lindsay wasn’t greatly appreciated by fans as they started bashing her on Instagram.


Recently, Lindsay met long-lasting Bachelor Nation have Harrison for Extra. The duo met and discussed a variety of topics. They both discussed the information about current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s social media posts that showed racial behaviour by him.

It also included going to an Antebellum South-themed gathering and wearing Native American clothing as an outfit. Fans were already not very happy with this kind of behaviour and Rachel Lindsay became a target of the same.

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