Prince Harry on the Late Late Show Shares When He Realised Meghan Markle was the one for Him


Prince Harry just made his debut on the Late Night Show with James Corden. He debuted on Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. James along with Harry were on a double-decker for a 17 minutes segment of the show. It was the first Harry was seeing and travelling in Los Angeles.


The doubledecker seemed like a bumpy ride for both Harry and James but they choose it over range rover and thus were absolutely enjoying some tea discussing how it was Harry’s first time in an open bus because he isn’t really allowed to do so.


Prince Harry | Duke of Sussex

Some stops later James took Harry to a hose where Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was shot, at the moment being so overwhelming Harry also rapped for James and then both of them went on facetime with Meghan Markle. Where Corden also tried to be an agent of the house and tried to sell it to Meghan.

During the interview, Harry expressed himself about the Netflix original series crown and his son Archie. Revelling the toddler’s first word was ‘crocodile’ and after receiving a waffle maker from the queen he hasn’t really put down the maker and every morning wakes up to make waffles.

Harry unveiled many insights about his life.

Harry talked about the royal duties and strained on how he is going to step back as the senior member of the royal family. He cleared the misconception the people and media had about him and Meghan, thinking they are stepping away from the royal duties. He told James that they choose to step back from the media attention and spotlight.

Prince Harry | Meghan Markle

He cleared how and why they stepped back from the duties, which was because they have been through a lot of criticism by the British Media, and any husband or father would have done the same to get their family off the toxic environment which had been created in the UK from them.

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