The Walking Dead season 11 is all set to premiere in Summer 2021

Season 11 will be the show’s final run

Season 11 of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be premiering this summer, and the news was revealed through a brief clip on the show’s official Twitter page. The long-running AMC horror drama had been a cult hit and despite its numerous cast departures and arrivals, it’s story has remained steady.

Various spin-offs have also been inspired from the show, including Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. There is also going to be a follow up shoe focusing on Carol and Daryl’s characters, which is currently in development, as well as a movie focusing on Rick Grimes. Even after the main series wraps up, the franchise will live on.

Facing delays

The Walking Dead

The show’s 10th season is currently airing since it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was set to wrap up almost a year ago, in April 2020. They were unable to complete post-production on the final episode, so the original finale aired as a standalone episode in October. Now, the series has returned with six “bonus” episodes, and the first one will be airing this week. In this first bonus episode, AMC aired the promo clip for season 11.

Season 11 began filming in early February, but it was unclear at that time as to when the episodes will air. So the 2021 release date was given to play things safe. However, since season 10 will end in early April, getting season 11 in the summer is way sooner than viewers expected. An exact release date is yet to be announced, it can arrive as early as June.

A new world order

The Walking Dead

The tiny clip was intriguing, and the promise of “A New World Order” is a tease to what viewers can expect in season 11.

Knowing it’s The Walking Dead, it would be safe to assume that the characters’ stories will have a satisfying end, even though it may not be all rosy.

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