Vanessa Bryant took potshot at Evan Rachel for calling out her late husband Kobe as rapist on the day he died


2020 was really a tough year. The beginning of the year was unbelievable when everybody came to know what has happened to Kobe and his daughter. Born in Philadelphia, Kobe was just 41 years old when he died in a plan crash last year on 26th of January. He died in a helicopter crash along with his young daughter who was just 13 years old.

Recently, Vanessa Bryant opened about something which was really shocking. After a year of his death Vanessa has bite off on Evan Rachel Wood for a filthy remark she made on the day when he died. Following is the last tweet made by Kobe.

On Saturday, Vanessa took to Instagram to describe the Tweet Evan Rachel Wood made on the day Kobe died

This tweet was posted by Evan on the day he died and it has gained Vanessa’s attention after a year. The Westworld actress Evan, made a tweet which talking about tragic accident which killed Bryan and his daughter. She said that he was a sports hero and what has happened is very shocking. But at the ending of her tweet she added that Kobe was a rapist and let us not forget it.

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She said said that both the things are simultaneously true and they exists literally.  After a year, Vanessa has finally lashed the actress for her unremarkable filthy tweet about Bryan.

Vanessa spoke about it on a post on Instagram and spoke about the facts to clear the air

Vanessa Bryant said that this is the behavior which pushes innocent black man to jail. She further added that this behavior leads to innocent blacks to jail for the crimes they have never commit. It was in year 2003, when a 19 year old accused Kobe for raping her. However, these charges were drop when the girl denied to testify against him. Kobe also denied the allegations made by the girl at that time.

Credit: Instagram

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