Paris Hilton Shares About Public Humiliation, Dumb Blonde Tag And Her New Upcoming Series


It seems like popular celebrity Paris Hilton has a lot going on for her and she recently revealed it all in an exclusive new interview. She also recalled some past occurrences where the star was subjected to public humiliation!

Paris Hilton Talks About Being Humiliated By David Letterman!

Paris Hilton revealed in her podcast This Is Paris that how she along with a few celebrities was subjected to public humiliation after host David Letterman and Sarah Silverman used them as part of their jokes! While further talking about how her past including the jail time she served as part of the public humiliation, David Letterman was keen on having her on the show.

Hilton believes that Letterman purposely tried to humiliate her. While recalling how the jail time-related questions we’re off-limits, David Letterman kept pushing her so much that by the time the interview ended she said that she is not coming back again as he crossed a line. Something similar was done by Sarah Silverman as she cracked some disturbing joke that was defined as disgusting and mean by Hilton.

Paris Hilton Makes Personal Revelations In Her New Podcast Show This Is Paris!

Paris Hilton is going to be quite busy as she is going to be a part of an upcoming  television series that will make is way into the streaming platform Netflix. The star was tight-lipped and did not reveal much about the series and what is it going to be all about.

The star has also shed ample light on the whole dumb blonde idea with which she had been associated a few times, according to the celeb it is just a part of an act. The star believes that people have a misconception that she does not work and has everything that comes with the family name.

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