The Valorant Champions Tour Is Aiming At Making Diverse Changes With The Inclusion Of More Women And Marginalised Genders !


It seems like the Valorant‘s new tournament series has something big planned for this year and it is not only some advanced technology and more but something more that will take everyone by surprise, we are talking about new inclusions and more participation as well that will change the all over scenario.

Valorant’s New Tournament Series Aims At More And More Diverse Inclusion In The System.

Yes, you heard that right the organisation is trying as stated by VCT Sport Changers that will aim at creating more aggressive alternatives for gall the women  and marginalized genders inside Valorant. thus, making it all the more inclusive and diverse. While this announcement is surely a big step into a new pathbreaking system that will include more women and marginalised genders as well.

According to developer Riot, now the VCT Sport Changers Academy program is all set to host several month-to-month tournaments, giving gamers giving more opportunities and alternatives to compete not only at the semi-pro but at the grassroots degree as well, this way the  Academy occasions shall be organized in partnership with GALORANT making it all the more diverse on the way.  Fans are already appreciating this step and calling it a big a move as well.


The Company Has Issued An Official Statement Regarding This Big Step Forward!


Talking about this big initiative, Valorant govt producer Anna Donlon states in a press release about how competing in video games as a girl could be a daunting process which can also lead to a really actual aggressive drawback.

What the gaming company is doing is addressing this problem in-game, along with enhancements to talk, and mitigation of grieving, the authorities see a possibility to take one other step with esports as the developer says that it is going to be a year long process.

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