Zack Snyder’s Justice League will not be releasing as a 4-part series, but as a 4-hours-long movie instead


The director explains the various decisions that led to it being released as a movie

Zack Snyder recently explained that Justice League will not be coming as a four-part series but a four-hour film instead. The highly-anticipated film is coming to HBO Max this month and will continue the story that the director had been setting up since Man of Steel and shown last in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Why a series was planned

Justice League
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Snyder announced that his cut will be available during the DC FanDome event, and he also added that it’s going to premiere as four one-hour installments, with one episode dropping each week. This seemed to make sense at the time since HBO Max will be a major hub for DC mini series soon, just like Disney+ came for Marvel mini series. Also, HBO Max is currently developing shows based on Peacekeeper, John Cena’s character in Suicide Squad and Gotham P.D, a prequel series to Matt Reeves’s The Batman. 

Snyder announced that the four-part series will be released as a four-hour film during the IGN Fan Fest. While he was considering the idea of a mini series, the idea of making it a movie so that audiences can watch it from home and pause it to use the restroom or get food seemed better. He also noted that the fans have waited long enough and he doesn’t want them to wait any longer.

HBO Max’s service

Justice League
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AT&T has made the decision to launch all their 2021 films in theatres and HBO Max simultaneously. It was thought that stretching the Snyder Cut over a month would keep people signed up until the next project comes. But now, the date for Justice League is set just two weeks before Godzilla Vs Kong and a month before Mortal Kombat, and some other movies will be added to the mix to keep people occupied with the streaming service.

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