After the Severe Accident, the Golf Star Tiger Wood is Recovering Fast as he Thanks & Updates Everyone


Tiger Wood, a 45-year-old golf star met with a car accident on Tuesday near Los Angeles and has suffered major leg injuries. He had to go into immediate surgery after being pulled out of the completely wrecked car by the first responder, which seemed difficult as the responder used tools like a pry bar and axe to help Wood out of the car.


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles took Tiger Woods in for immediate surgery. Wood has won 15 mega championships and is considered to be among many great golfers. After being brought to the hospital wood’s lower right leg and ankle underwent a long surgery. According to the statement released by Dr Anish Mahajan that the golfer suffered from serious orthopaedic injuries.

The official statement from the doctor regarding his conditions.

The doctor also told the media in his statement that the upper and lower portions of both the tibia and fibula in his legs had to be stabilized and so the doctor had to put in a rod in the tibia. The foot and ankle are being stabilized by inserting screws and pins. The trauma that has been caused to the soft tissues and muscles needs another round of surgery.


The precise information about his injuries hasn’t been released properly yet. There is a possibility, seeing the major magnitude of the car crash that there might be other injuries that the doctor could have forgotten to mention. Its gonna take months for wood to come back on track for his sports and seeing that he hasn’t been on the field since December, the new injury might set him back later in his career the cause of the car accident is still in the blur but according to the police. Wood’s was driving across a curvy hill area which is mainly an accident-prone area so there are chances that the car might be travelling faster than it should be and thus the accident occurred.

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