Bella Hadid Shares her Fight through Pictures with Lyme Disease


Bella Hadid is a name many of us are known to. She is a famous American Model in the world. Apart from being a famous model, she is also a role model for many. Many people idolize her style and the way she carries herself. Bella Hadid was voted “Model of the Year” back in the year 2016.

Many of the people excluding her fans already know that the supermodel suffers from Lyme disease. Bella Hadid has always been quite vocal about the disease with her fans and the world.

bellaAmerican supermodel Bella Hadid as of late offered her fans an uncommon look into how she deals with her immune system problems. She gave a glimpse of what her treatment looks like on social media.

Bella Hadid as diagnosed in 2012

It all started in the year 2012. Bella Hadid was then diagnosed to have Lyme illness in 2012 along with her more youthful brother Anwar who was age 21. Their mother, Yolanda with age 57 was also a part of this disease alongside her children.

In 2016, when Bella Hadid was 20 age, the star opened up to PEOPLE magazine about her struggle while battling Lyme sickness. She also opened up about her life being a model and at the same time fighting this disease. Bella Hadid eventually turns into an inspiration for many as many adore her courage while fighting Lyme disease.

As the vast majority of her fans may review, Bella Hadid has likewise been vocal about the significance of mental health in life over the course of the years on her online media. She has been supporting the cause for a very long time.

belaBella Hadid has always come up front supporting the issues of mental health and encouraging to support them if needed. Same we can expect her fans to do in this tough time of Bella Hadid.

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