Britney Spears is all Geared Up with the Sequel of her Documentary giving more Insight into her Life

Britney Spears’ new documentary just released, and it is also believed that the team responsible for the new documentary is also interested in releasing a follow-up film.

The documentary released earlier this month ‘Framing Britney Spears’ is entirely based on Spears’s mental health issues and conservatorship. The release also the most of public interest, in the #FreeBritneyCampaign.

Liz Day, the senior story editor in an interview told the media that they might be considering making a new documentary, a second instalment. The new one would be entirely based on the singer’s ongoing legal with her guardian’s role in her conservatorship.

Day also told that they’d love to make a follow-up movie for Britney’s documentary because a lot of the details and precise information was left out just on paper and cut out of the movie, and the creator is for sure looking forward to releasing all the details.


Even more, details were added to their research after the documentary was released and thus they are interested in pursuing the next documentary.

The filmmakers are looking forward to revealing further developments.

Britney Spears was in a legal battle

The legal battle of the superstar, namely the circumstances of conservatorship and why is it still running and how has it managed to come soo far. It might also include the list of people involved in running and creating it.


The New York Times Presents series, Framing Britney Spears has already discussed a lot about Jamie Spears, and how he is the face of all of this because of which he was named in court fillings. It is clear that he isn’t the only person working and benefitting momentarily from all of this. So the filmmakers think it is important to look into everything with equal attention to any subject.

Thus the makers of the previous documentary are inflicting interest in making a new one.

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