Call of Duty: Mobile may be adding new maps in their Battle Royale mode


The game can incorporate maps from Call of Duty: Warzone 

It looks like Activision and TiMi Studios are looking to bring some changes to Call of Duty: Mobile‘s Battle Royale mode. A recent survey has requested the players’ feedback on their experience with the game, and by the end was a question asking what they would like to see incorporated in it.

One of the options under it were “New battle royale maps,” and listed Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Verdansk and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Eclipse as examples. From it, it’s understandable that the developers are thinking to have more than one major map and one mini map (Alcatraz).

An image of the survey was shared by the @ModernWarzone account on Twitter (seen above).

Other survey queries

Call of Duty: Mobile

While this is definitely exciting news, fans should make sure that nothing has been confirmed. Even if they’re planning to include it, there’s going to be a long wait ahead till we get the new maps. Aside from battle royale maps, the survey also asked players if they would like to see a co-op zombie mode as well, which the majority was in desperate need of. Fans expressed their anger more at not getting the Zombie Mode than new maps.

Surveys always mean exciting new updates

Call of Duty: Mobile

Surveys are always a good indicator that you will be getting some major updates in the game. Since online multiplayer games got more popular, the developers are more in touch with the players and always request for feedback so that they can either improve the game quality or adjust certain things. With this survey, Call of Duty: Mobile  would be getting their next major update after 2020’s Gunsmith modes.

Meanwhile, their competition PUBG is coming up with their new game and it’s natural for them to introduce something new for themselves as well.

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