Prince Harry Wants This Person To Play Him On The Crown And Josh O’ Connor Approves!


It seems like Prince Harry has finally watched the popular royal drama series The Crown and when asked who he wants to play him in the series, Harry gave a rather interesting answer and one of the cast members very much approves of his choice!

Prince Harry Suggested Damian Lewis Should Play Him On-Screen!

Prince Harry, who has finally watched the series that was known for their tumultuous portrayal of the royal family. Harry, who has recently left behind all royal duties, was asked that who should play him in the series. Harry suggested Damian Lewis’ name as he is the perfect fit, according to Harry.

Josh O’Connor

The Crown bagged too many Golden Globes wins this year and while talking about the win, Josh O’Connor who won the Best Actor in a Television Series Drama also approved of Harry’s choice and said that he absolutely loves Damian Lewis and would surely make a great Prince Harry on screen.

The Crown Star Approves And Says Damien Lewis Would Be A Great Choice!

While talking about the show, the actor admits that the show’s is great and part of that is because of the casting! He further expresses his excitement for the next season and thinks Damien Lewis is a great choice to play  Prince Harry on screen . We wonder what fans have to say about this suggestion made by the man himself.

Josh O’Connor

While saying how delighted he is that even Prince Harry has also watched the series as well, Connor further says that he is happy as that is why they are there! When asked about his big win, Josh O’Connor says it surely is a big thing and he is grateful for this recognition that also during such a difficult time and it means the world to him.

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