Vanessa Bryant Talks About How Her Late Husband And Daughter Keep Her Going Through The Through Times!


Vanessa Bryant opens up about her life after the whole family went through an irreplaceable loss following Kobe Bryant and Gianna’s death. While the two deaths shocked the whole world, Vanessa Bryant keeps going while looking after her family.

Vanessa Bryant Opens Up About Being Strong For Her Girls Through The Hard-Hitting Tragedy.

Vanessa Bryant recently opened up about the loss and how she is still picking up the pieces in a recent interview. While she admits that she doesn’t feel strong every day and there are some breaking points at times, she is still rebuilding her life with her daughters and together they are trying to move on from the tragedy that hit the family.

Kobe Bryant

Being a strong role model for her daughters, Vanessa Brya admits that lying in bed crying will not change the fact that her family will never be the same again and how she lost her husband and daughter. However, it is all about finding the light in the darkness and Vanessa needs to fight her way through.

Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant  Opens Up About Waking Up And Pushing Forward For The Girls.

Vanessa Bryant has left no stone unturned to keep things going even after the family went through such a big loss and has relaunched Kobe’s charitable non-profit organisations As well. Moreover, she now takes care of all the project under the late star’s multi media company called Granity Studios.


She is making sure that Kobe Bryant’s long term aim and vision to provide necessary aids to aspiring athletes is fulfilled in apevery way possible. It is extremely difficult to come back to normal terms after such a huge loss that the Bryant family faced and Vanessa has shown nothing but determination and resilience in the face of crisis.

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