WandaVision gets a bigger audience than Netflix’s Bridgerton in January


The final episode for the Disney+ series will be airing on March 5

Even though Disney+ did not release the entire season of WandaVision like Netflix normally does, it was still unmatched in popularity when compared to other titles across the different video streaming platforms.

According to data provided to Variety by TV analytics provider TVision, WandaVision was the most viewed title of January 2021 across multiple platforms.

The numbers


The indexed audience-size figure for  WandaVision was 8,127, which means it was viewed nearly 81.3 times more than the average title that has been observed by TVision across SVOD platforms in January. The viewing impressions are determined by TVision by counting viewers who had seen a title for at least two minutes within a session of watching content for a minimum of five minutes.

Coming in at second is Netflix’s Bridgerton which came out during Christmas time and is still being watched, and at number 3 is Disney+’s Soul.

TVision refers to major U.S. SVODs such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Peacock, CBS All Access and Discovery+ and AVODs such as YouTube, the Roku Channel, Pluto TV, and Tubi. They analyse the viewing of nearly 25,000 titles among 5000 households (14,000 individuals) across the United States on connected TVs. They won’t measure mobile device viewing but Conviva says more time is spent viewing videos via connected TV devices.

The big shows


WandaVision hitting such big numbers is enough to ward off critics who say that Disney+ is too dependent on The Mandalorian. Meanwhile, the performances of Bridgerton, Soul, and Wonder Woman 1984 are still ongoing.

Netflix still had a strong number in January with notable titles such as Pieces of  a Woman, which won at the Venice Film Festival, and The Dig, starring Carey Mulligan. A major title that helped boost viewing in Netflix in January is The Queen’s Gambit.

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