Bunny Wailer died in the Medical Associates Hospital on 2nd March, he was 73 years old


Legendary reggae singer Bunny Wailer who was 73 years old, took his last breath at Medical Associates Hospital. He died on 2nd of March at 8:00 in the morning. He lived his last days at Kingston. Confirming the news, his manager Maxine Stowe said that he died about 8:00 this morning. Maxine was still there with him while he was confirming the news.

2020 was tough or Bunny Wailer. He was constantly visiting hospital since his second stroke. Bunny Wailer constantly visiting doctors in July 2020.

No matter what the truth his, the legacy of Bunny Wailer will never die along with him. He was a great singer and one and only. This generation will always remember him and future generation would appreciate his work. Let us explore about the legend.

Who was Bunny Wailer?

Born on 10th of April, 1947, Bunny’s original name was Neville O’Riley Livingston. He was a multitalented human being, a living legend who was a songwriter, Jamaican singer and a percussionist. He along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, founded reggae group named as The Wailers.

Photo by BUNNY WAILER on November 16, 2020. May be an image of one or more people and hair.
Credit: Instagram

Bunny Wailer was a three time Grammy Winner. The world consider him one of the longtime standard-bearers of reggae music. Moreover, he was also known as Jah B, Bunny O’Riley, and Bunny Livingston.

Bunny’s solo career also had a huge fanbase

After leaving the Wailers, Bunny has to establish his solo career. He experimented with disco in his album. The name of the album was Hook Line and Sinker. He was also successful in recording more pop and dancehall style. He was also featured on the album Love by Toots which was the winner of Grammy auctions.

Photo by BUNNY WAILER on August 03, 2020.
Credit: Instagram

In August 2012, it was revealed that Bunny Wailer is ought to receive Jamaica’s fifth highest honor,, the Order of Jamaica. He was also awarded with Order of Merit by Jamaican government.

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