Emmanuel Acho Is The Newest Host Of The Bachelor After Chris Harrison’s Controversial Exit!


While the newest season of The Bachelor was surrounded by not one but several ongoing controversies, it seems like we have a new face already who will be replacing the former host of the show.

We Have A New Host In Town For The Bachelor: Emmanuel Acho!

While fans are quite aware of the fact that Chris Harrison had to step down under controversial circumstances, now Emmanuel Acho will be the newest host of the show. People might know Acho as the best-selling author and the host of the online series titled Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man.

Matt James

A special episode will be airing sometime around mid-March where Emmanuel Acho will be sitting down with this year’s Bachelor’s lead Matt James with his three leading ladies including Bri, Michelle and Rachael. The host will also shed light on the current events that went on to create some severe controversies after one of the contestants apologized for her racially incentive remarks. The former host also apologized for saying things that might have come across as problematic. Rake a look at the social media post that made Acho’s arrival official!

The New Host Will Be Hosting The After Tue Final Rose Episode!

It is surprising coincidence that a few weeks ago former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay also suggested that she would consider Acho as the rest replacement of Harrison. However, we are not sure whether ABC took the suggestion into account or was it just a big coincidence.

The Bachelor

While former host Chris Harrison’s journey with the show has been a long one, but it seems like the makers had to take a big step ahead given the rising controversies doing the rounds. Moreover, it would be interesting to see how Acho turns things around in the show this time.


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