Former Host Chris Harrison Apologized For His Statements, Wants To Return On the Bachelor!


It seems like The Bachelor is surrounded by some high-end drama and the line of controversies are not going to end anytime soon as the former host has come upfront and made some big statements regarding his exit from the show and much more!

The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Apologizes For His Actions On Good Morning America!

It is no news for fans that former host Chris Harrison who has been on the show for a long time had to step away from the show. Chris Harrison faced major backlash after he defended Rachael Kirkconnell’s behaviour and past actions that came across as being racially incentive. Following his actions, the host apologized and stepped down from the show.

Chris Harrison

Soon after his exit, the network did not waste much time and Harrison was soon replaced by popular figure Emmanuel Acho who is all set to host the After The Final Rose episode. The big question that lies behind is whether Chris Harrison is going to step down permanently from the show? Well, the most has been associated with the show for so long and he might be returning soon.

Chris Harrison Says He Plans To Be Back And Wants To Be Back As Well!

The former host has also issued a lengthy statement expressing his thoughts and apologises for defending and excusing historical racism which was not okay and vowed to stand against racism amidst these growing controversies that have been doing the rounds.

Chris Harrison

Moreover, Harrison further says that he wants to be part of the change and he very much plans to be back on the show as there’s work to be done. We wonder what will the network decide upon and are fans going to see Harrison back on the show or not.

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