Lucifer Season 6: Release date and how season 5 part two will impact it

Spoilers ahead, so do not proceed if you’re not up to date with the show

Lucifer season 6 is going to be the final season of the beloved series. No, for real this time. The beloved series, which came from Fox to Netflix will be releasing it’s final season either in late 2021 or early 2022.

Season 5 part one came to Netflix in August 2020, and now fans are excitedly waiting for part two which has reportedly concluded filming in early 2021.

Season 6 renewal


Originally, the show was going to wrap up with five seasons. That’s one reason why the season was split into two and made into an extended season. Of course, fans were not pleased with Netflix when they revived the show after Fox cancelled it, only to make two seasons. From the looks of it, many of them want the show to go on and on like Days of Our Lives or Good Witch. It led to campaigns and petitions, and one of them even got 100k signatures. Fans prevailed in the end and season 6 was green-lit.

Did the story change after the renewal?


Joe Henderson, one of the showrunners was asked whether the ending of season 5 part 2 will change since a sixth season is underway. He answered that it’s not going to change as it was really very, very important to them. When the idea of the sixth season came up, he and co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich said to Netflix that they will find the right story for it, without undoing what they had done so far.

An article from TVLine reported that Lucifer season 6 will have only eight episodes, but it was later debunked by DB Woodside (who plays Amenadiel) who said there will be ten episodes, and he will be directing one of them.

The series is currently in production, and a safe estimate is that it will release in early 2022.

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