Nintendo Switch Pro is rumoured to have a bigger screen with 4K resolution


The long-rumoured console said to contain a Samsung OLED screen and 4K resolution when it’s connected to a TV

The latest report on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console has come from a legitimate source, which claimed that it will feature a bigger screen and support 4K resolution on TV. The system has been rumoured for the last 7 months, but with no announcements, fans had slowly started believing that it was fake.

Then came the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, making the difference in power between Nintendo and it’s competitors that much more noticeable. That doesn’t mean that sales for the Switch had gone down over recent months, but with the competition heading to next-gen developments, it’s only natural for Nintendo to have one for themselves.

The new reports


The latest report had come from Bloomberg, who claimed that the new Nintendo Switch, currently titled Nintendo Switch Pro, will feature a 7″ screen (with the original being 6.2″) and 720p resolution while in handheld mode. The console will be having a Samsung OLED display, which is going to be a major upgrade for the hardware. What’s even exciting is of course, the 4K display on TV, but how that will work is yet to be explained.

Nintendo’s announcement


However, note that Nintendo has been silent the entire time, so take the rumours as just rumours until then. But if it does happen, it’s going to be a huge upgrade for Nintendo gamers who had been waiting for an enhanced system.

There are also questions like what this could mean for already existing games, and if there’s going to be first-party exclusives on the upgraded console. But we can confirm that the company will make sure the console is worth the money, because it is going to cost more.

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