Taylor Swift Is Not Only Music Queen But Is Also The Undisputed Master Of Savage Comebacks!


Taylor is not just one of the biggest singing sensations of all times but is also a straight-up no-nonsense person. From calling out her haters to opening up about big issues, the star has does it all with style and confidence and fans love her for that!

Taylor Swift

Singing Sensation Taylor Swift Doesn’t Hold Back When It Comes To Calling The Haters Out!

Recently, Taylor Swift called out Netflix’s newly release drama series Ginny & Georgiafor cracking a sexist joke about the the singer’s dating life. Taylor Swift did not appreciate the joke made in the show about her dating life and penned down a tweet asking people to stop degrading hard-working people and stop considering this horse s**** funny!

The singer took the media by storm after calling out her then manager Scooter Braun for purchasing her music even without consulting with her first. Taylor Swift took matters to her own hand and addressed this during the Billboard Women in Music Awards back in 2019. She talked about toxic male privilege and the rights of artists over their music.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Uses Her Own Songs To Raise Concerns About The Double Standard In The Music Industry Against Women!

Taylor Swift surely knows how to tackle things with humour! The Love Story hitmaker called out rapper Kanye West after he ran on stage and said problematic things when she she won Best Video by a Female Artist at the 2009 VMAs! Taylor Swift took a subtle dig at him during one of her performances on Saturday Night Live!

Taylor Swift has also called Kim Kardashian out when a phone call happened between Taylor Swift and Kanye West got leaked. The savage singer even used her works to point out the double standards of the music industry against women in her song The Man!

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