Tom Holland is a Big Fan of Zendaya Himself as the Star Never Hesitates from Praising his Co-star and Good Friend


Tom Holland is a person who is very vocal with his words. Maybe that’s the reason he’s the spoiler head in the Avengers cast. But this Tom isn’t spoiling any movie but praising her co-star Zendaya.

Tom Holland praised his Spider-Man co-star, Zendaya as he explained how she helped him as his life was changing and he was evolving. Tom explained how Zendaya helped him in this new transition of life.


It all started back in 2017 when Spiderman was released with Tom Holland. The film truly became one of the milestones of Tom Holland career. The new transition was surely someone cannot anticipate so soon. In the Spiderman franchise, it’s Peter Parker and MJ’s chemistry that is very famous among fans. The characters are played by Tom Holland and Zendaya respectively which are in quite an awe from fans.

Tom Holland inspires by RDJ and Zendaya

In a very recent interview, Holland explained how Zendaya is one of the strong supporters he’s very lucky to have in his life. The chemistry tom has with his co-star Zendaya plays a vital role in their performance as each other’s love interest on the screen which he told in a recent interview. He told a magazine how Zendaya has helped him in his life choices and career. According to Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. is the first mentor for acting tips and Zendaya the next.


He also talked about the phase where clicking photoswitches his fans annoyed him but after Zendaya’s told him that saying yes and being nice to your fans won’t stress you out as much as dying them does. He exclaims how wonderful and grateful he feels that Zendaya is his friend as he has helped him through many challenging phases of his life and career.

Tom Holland is the new avenger around the corner. Spiderman was a rookie when he joined but now he’s an avenger and so is Tom Holland.

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