Hulu Is Celebrating The 90s Week With Popular Sitcom My So-Called Life And Fans Are Taking A Trip Down The Time Lane!


Popular streaming service Hulu is celebrating the 90s week while streaming some back to back popular sitcoms from the 90s including Felicity, Blossom and My So-Called Life! While fans are all set to take a trip down the time lane, some of the series stars have opened up about the sitcom streaming on Hulu.

Streaming Service Hulu Celebrates The 90s Week With Popular Sitcoms From The Time!

My So-Called Life was a massive hit even though it aired for a short period of time from 1994-1995 on ABC. Stars including Jared Leto,Bess Armstrong and Wilson Cruz starred in this hit teen drama sitcom. The show was a popular one while tackling with pivotal societal issues.

My so called life

Wilson Cruz played a fifteen years old  gay teen Rickie Vasquez on the popular sitcom.  The actor went on to became the first out actor to play a gay character in a leading role on American television. While talking about the sitcom making its way into the streaming platform, Cruz says that it gave him the confidence and self-respect that he needed.

My So-Called Life Actor Wilson Cruz Talks About His Role And More!

The sitcom grabbed the attention of fans as it health with issues of homophobia, drug abuse, teenage difficulties and more. While recalling about his role as Rickie, the actor admitted that his role helped him come to terms with his sexuality and even managed his father to reconcile with him.

My so called life

The actor admitted that the show helped him enough as he loves himself enough to stand up for himself. So, relive these amazing moments as Hulu brings back some of the biggest 90s hit sitcoms of all time and sit back for some binge watching marathon! Let us revive those memories that are associated with these sitcoms and their stories!

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