John Stamos Made Fans All Nostalgic While Uploading A Never Seen Before Picture With Elizabeth Olsen ahead of WandaVision Finale


Time surely flies fast! Popular actor John Stamos who became a household name after his role as the favourite uncle in the popular sitcom Full House recently made fans all nostalgic by uploading a picture with one of his co-stars. Fans surely took a trip down the memory lane while looking at the photo!

Full House Star John Stamos Uploaded An Adorable Picture With Little Elizabeth Olsen !

John Stamos made all his fans nostalgic as he uploaded an adorable picture with WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen. The picture was taken backstage on the sets of popular sitcom Full House. The Marvel star made a special appearance back in 1994 for an episode titled Girl with Flowers. The picture was taken as it is said that the star often used to hang out on set. She was probably six years old when this photo was taken.

John Stamos-Elizabeth Olsen

The picture came along with an adorable caption that said she was a little girl wandering on set and the next thing you know she is all grown up and is taking over a whole town while mind controlling the citizens! Fans quickly filled the comment section with adorable comments and how they loves the picture of the two together as Elizabeth was so little back then!

John Stamos Soon Stars In Upcoming Disney+ Series Big Shot!

While lead star Elizabeth Olsen is already grabbing attention as Wanda in the standalone Disney+ series WandaVision that is already reaching its first season finale, it seems like John Stamos is also coming to the streaming platform soon enough!

John Stamos

John Stamos will play the lead role of hot headed NCAA basketball coach Marvyn Korn in the upcoming Disney+ series  Big Shot. As he lands in a all girls high school, he faces situations that are a bit too alien for him. As explained by the makers, this series is all about second chances for each of the characters.

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