WandaVision’s episode 9 release with burning down all the questions fans had– here is what answers this episode has gave to us


As per the heading it is already mentioned that the we are going to discuss the plot of the episode. So if you have not watched episode 9 of WandaVision yet, the do not read further.

So finally, Marvel has rolled episode 9 of WandaVision. As we all know the revolves around Wanda’s grieving over Vision’ death. The show now bases around two caveats.

One, as Wanda Vision already said, when the hex will collapse, they will have said goodbye to each other. There is a reason which still stands and reciprocate that they will say goodbye again. Two, the disruptions two vision [one which Wanda created and another which S.W.O.R.D created] are creating vis a vis.

Episode 9 began right from the arc of ending of episode 8

As the Agatha reminds Wanda that she holds the end of the world rather than Darkhold. However, Wanda says that she is not who she is but Agatha don’t stops and remind her that how she has trapped hundreds of people in her Hex. In panic, Wanda unleashes more torture to them even when they plea for letting them go. Here she proves the point of Agatha.

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Wanda however, releases everyone [obviously a hero would do that]. The consequences– her family which includes Vision and her two kids starts disintegrate. At one place Wanda deals with Agatha, her kids deals with S.W.O.R.D army and Wanda’s vision fights with real Vision.

The Westview vision convinces White vision that he is not even a real Vision. In fact, it is the White Vision who has all the memories, they are just hidden from him.

On the other end, Vision pushes Agatha to her bad memories where she plea her not to do this. This debate leads to a fight in the sky. Further, it leads to Wanda goes all out of power and she literally floats dead into air.

However, Wanda reveals that only she can do magic in Westview. She absorbs all the power of Agatha and thus this gives her new costume. She finally traps Agatha for sine die.

Back to Home, WandaVision tucks the twins into the bed

Wanda then decides to shut of the hex.  While everything fading away, Vision asks Wanda what he is? To which she replies that he is her dreams, her hopes, her sadness, but most importantly he is her love. The series ends with Wanda saying Monica that she don’t know what to do with her powers. This may be a hint that we may see her training under Dr Strange to how to control her powers.

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