Why did Lionsgate dump Tom Holland’s Chaos Walking in theatres?


Instead of looking for streaming or VOD options, the movie got an exclusive theatre release

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley’s latest movie,  Chaos Walking, is being released on theatres, even though majority of the population is still relying on streaming and Video on Demand for all major films. The pandemic has forced industries and moviegoers to change their strategies over the past year. Instead of risking everything and going to theatres, people can now watch movies from the safety of their homes thanks to various streaming services. While some notable studios continue to change release dates or sign in deals with streamers, Lionsgate just dumped the sci-fi movie to serve as an exclusive theatre release.

The story

Chaos Walking

The movie is based on Patrick Ness’s 2008 novel The Knife of Never Letting Go, and was intended to be the start of a multi-film franchise. The story follows Todd Hewitt (Holland), a young man from New World who comes across a mysterious woman who crash landed on the planet. The women of New World have completely disappeared, so Todd must protect her from the strange and dangerous environment. The men, including Todd have “The Noise,” which is a powerful force that puts their feelings on display.


Chaos Walking

The movie was actually filmed back in 2017, but due to unsatisfactory test screenings, reshoots were conducted. The movie was then set to release in March 2019, but that was changed to accommodate Holland and Ridley’s Disney schedules. After that, the new release date became January 2021, which got delayed after theatres got shut down again.

Rather than push the release date, Lionsgate dumped it in theatres. With the numerous production problems and bad reviews, it seems that the studio just wants to leave it behind and move ahead with other ventures.

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