Cardi B Plans To Launch A Look Alike Doll, Faces Major Backlash From Fans Instead!


It seems like Cardi B has decided to launch a mini me version of herself and it is not something that fans expected. With this news doing the rounds, the singing sensation received  a rather negative reaction for people and it surely was not expected and Cardi B surely isn’t a fan of all this!

Cardi B Launched A Look-Alike Doll And Fans Are Not Quite Thrilled About It!

Cardi B stunned fans after she announced that a look-alike doll has been launched who not only looks like her but also comes in a boxed  edition with cute little accessories with which you can dress the doll up. However, this always definitely not what fans were expected and the WAP hitmaker was soon subjected to extreme backlash from fans.

Cardi B, who was not expecting this kind of reaction from fans for a simple launch of a doll has to take a drastic step and she soon deactivated her Twitter account after people started complaining about the launch of the doll. Many said that they were expecting a song and a doll so out of the blue that it instigated negative reaction from fans. Take a look at the doll that come in a fun sized little box with adorable accessories.

Cardi B Doll

The WAP Hitmaker Talks About A Special Purpose Behind Launching The Doll!

The rap star has opened up about the purpose behind launching this doll and she wanted women of colour to get strong representation and women of all ethnicities to have a look into this that come bearing a strong message for all.

Cardi B

The singer further adds that when she was little she never got to se a doll that looks like her, so she wants her daughter to play with a daughter that looked like her!

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