“just setting up my twttr”– First Ever Tweet by Twitter’s boss Jack Dorsey is up for sale and will be sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has something new to tell for all the Twitter users. His first ever tweet, “just setting up my twttr”– is all set for an auction. Yes you heard it right. It is up for sale at a place called online tweets marketplace.

Jack’s famous tweet is listed as unique digital signature. This tweet will be sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The post from Jack’s account which was posted in March, 2006 has received offers nobody can believe. The prices of the post went up to &88,888.88.  This hike in the price went up as soon as the Twitter co-founder made a tweet of link which listed  ‘Valuables by Cent’ – a tweets marketplace.

However, old offers directs for the tweet deliberate that it was up for sale in December last year

However, the listing grabbed more attention of users after Jack Dorsey’s tweet on 5th of March. This 15 year old tweet is among the most famous tweets made by various celebrities. The sale of Jack’s 15 year old tweet might be an agenda to grab higher deals for the digital memorabilia.

Moreover, you won’t believe that highest price of this tweet went up to  $100,000 at 0125 GMT on March 6.

How is this selling and buying of Tweets works in reality?

Well obviously they won’t be taking out print of that tweet indeed. The buyer of the tweet will get a digital certificate with an autograph of the person who made the tweet at first. The sign will be made using cryptography. It is going to include all the metadata of the actual tweet. However, the tweet will be continue to be available on the website.

Non-Fungible Tokens (@nftblockchain) | Twitter

What are NFts though?

Well, they are digital files which serves as digital signature. It signifies the right of the owner on photos, tweets, videos and other online stuff.

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