Nicholas Cage Tied The Knot For The Fifth Time With Girlfriend Riko Shibata!


It seems like one of our iconic actors of Hollywood tied the knot in a hush hush marriage ceremony last month and media tabloids got to know about it all! Read the following article to know who this actor is who recently got married.

Nicholas Cage Tied The Knot For The Fifth Time With Long Time Girlfriend!

Popular actor Nicholas Cage tied the knot for the fifth time with long time girlfriend Riko Shibata in Las Vegas! While the actor maintained a low profile when it comes to his private life, the wedding was also a low-key affair and the pair avoided a big celebration.

Nicholas Cage

According to various media tabloids, the actor himself has confirmed the news and has said that it is true and they are very happy together! Moreover, according to the Nevada marriage licence, Riko has taken her husband’s surmpname as is now Riko Cage. A coring to various media reports, while it was a private ceremony with few people resent, Nicholas Cage’s ex- wife Alice Kim was present in the ceremony. Despite the divorce the two have remained good friends for all these years.

The Actor Had An Unconventional Proposal Via FaceTime!

Unlike others, the actor had to experience a rather unconventional proposal and he revealed that the pair actually got engaged via FaceTime! Yes, the pair were apart due to the pandemic terror and Riko had to leave for Kyoto, Japan. After that the actor just wanted to get married and they got engaged on FaceTime!

Nicholas Cage

When it some to marriage, the actor’s last marriage was a rocky one as his marriage to Erika Koike ended in an annulment after four days! The makeup artist soon sued the actor for spousal support. The actor is happy with his marriage with Riko now!

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