WandVision First Season Finale Was All About The Quintessential Shock Element As It Left Us Wanting More!

After a tumultuous first season back to back episodes, Disney + standalone series WandaVision first season finale is finally here and it was everything shocking and fans definitely did not see that coming as the first season came to a surprising end and we want more of it!

WandaVision First Season Finale Is Here And Get Ready For Big Revelations Ahead!

After Wanda being the friendly resident of Westview, it seems like fans finally got to see her take on the form of the super powerful Scarlett Which and the whole costume, the cape is here and fans waited for this moment from the start of the series. However, the big question is what happened to Agatha? Well, let’s just say she went back to her original form and fans are happy that it happened!


After a fierce fight between the two led to high chaos, Scarlett witch was able to wipe out Agatha’s memory and she turned into her normal usual self, that is a nosy neighbour Agnes. Take a little sneak peek into the final episode as it says the the moment is here!

The Final Moment Is Here And We Are All Here For It! P.S: Major Spoilers Ahead!

While Scarlett Witch was successfully subdued Agatha’s powers for now, however, given the fact how powerful Agatha Harkness is she might reappear in the future episodes of the show.


Other than Agatha, Monica Rambeau had a hero moment as she throws herself in front of a bullet for Wanda’s kids and it sure was impressive! Fans were disheartened to make the big revelation that the character okayed by Evan Peters was not actually Wanda’s brother as it was claimed earlier. The finale ended with a possibility that Scarlet Witch is keen on knowing more about her powers.

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