Fans Got To See Kristen Stewart Transforming Into Princess Diana On The Sets And The Results Are Stunning!


As Princess Diana goes in to be a legendary public figure of all time and her role has been adapted time and again by various actresses on screen, another actress has recently taken over the role and fans just got to see her right on the sets of her upcoming movie.

Kristen Stewart Take On The Role Of Princess Diana On The Sets Of Spencer!

Twilight star Kristen Stewart was recently spotted at the sets of her upcoming movie, Spencer. As he star transforms into Princess Diana, we are all the more excited for the movie! As the actress wears a pale pink plaid coat, which was layered atop with a beige polo neck, the resemblance between Diana and the actress are uncanny!

Kristen Stewart | Princess Diana Spencer
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This role is going to be a challenging one as the actress is going to live up to so many early adaptations on screen! The movie will follow the tumultuous time of her marriage to Prince Charles while putting light on Diana’s final Christmases at the House of Windsor in their Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Kristen Stewart | Princess Diana Spencer
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The Movie Will Look Into Princess Diana’s Tumultuous Marriage And More!

While Princess Diana’s marriage and her relation with the royal family has been a tumultuous one that went on to create quite a few controversies. The movie will also look into these issues that finally led to the final breakdown of one of the most high profile marriages of all time.

Kristen Stewart | Princess Diana Spencer
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It would be interesting to see what is the take on the scandalous story that went on to shock the whole world at one point. The production for the movie is going on in Germany keeping the safety protocol in mind while the script has been penned down by Steven Knight.

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