Following the harassment from Bachelor Nation, Rachel Lindsay has made her return to Instagram


The harassment happened following her interview with Chris Harrison

Rachel Lindsay has returned to Instagram.

The media spokesperson and attorney, who was also the first Black Bachelorette, deactivated her account about a month ago after an onslaught of harassment and hateful comments by Bachelor Nation.

Her returning post is of a bouquet of sunflowers with the caption, “I want to be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.”

Lindsay got a lot of love and support from other Bachelor alums and Instagram users. This included Katie Thurston, who wrote, “All the love coming your way”, and Chelsea Vaughn, who wrote, “So happy to have you back, hoping you are feeling refreshed and loved.”

How it all began

Rachel Lindsay

The online bullying and harassment began after Lindsay’s “Extra” interview with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who spoke in support of current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past attendance of an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal.

Lindsay then said that it wasn’t a good look for her as she’s celebrating Old South, and what Lindsey herself will represent if she went to that party.

Harrison jumped to her defense saying that the theme of the party is not okay in 2021, and that things were different in 2018. He later apologized for his actions and said he’s “stepping aside” from hosting duties for “a period of time.” Since Harrison was out of the picture, the enraged fans directed their hate at Lindsey who then deactivated her account.

Defending Lindsey

Rachel Lindsay

Van Lathan, co-host of Lindsay’s podcast Higher Learning, said that Rachel was not responsible for what Chris, a 49-year-old man who can’t read the room in 2021 said, and added that it’s not her job to make excuses or provide cover for someone who doesn’t understand what triggers people in present times.

Harrison also publicly apologized to Lindsay and asked people to stop throwing hate at her. She accepted his apology and said everyone needs to move forward.

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