Bridgerton Star Nicola Coughlan Talks About Complex Women Roles And Strong Representation!


Fans are impressed with Nicola Coughlan’s meticulous acting skills that everyone got to witness from Bridgerton and Derry Girls. However, the actress wants to champion New complex roles in the future and is all about it as far as her career is concerned.

Bridgerton Nicola Coughlan Talks About Her Roles, Complex Characters In The Future And More!

In a recrecent, the star is talking about some strong female representation and is interested in doing more complex roles in the future. While recalling something from her past, the Irish actress admitted that when she got the script of Derry Girls, it was like getting the Holy Grail for her! Nicola Coughlan is known for her out of the box roles that were a part of both the popular series.


The characters from Derry Girls were Nicola’s favourite as they are defined as properly funny, obnoxious, unlikeable at the time even though several people wanted these to make these characters a bit soft, less palatable and less in the face. However, the series creator Lisa McGee opposed it and the show went on to create some impressive women roles that are so very popular.

The Bridgerton Star Talks About Women Representation And Trope Of Being Funny!

The Bridgerton Star stressed on the fact that how so many complex women have to be toned down, or removed from the screens, on the basis that women have to be likable above anything else and how screens have emphasised on flawed man more than ever.


Nicola further added that how both Derry Girls and Bridgerton have allowed young women characters to be unapologetically themselves without worrying that they might not be appealing. The star gave a big shout out to female friendships on popular shows Like Fleabag, Pose and Euphoria and many others.

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