It’s Final – The Popular Political Series ‘House of Cards’ isn’t Returning


House of cards is one of the primary famous series around the world. The series is a political thriller which is created by Beau Willimon. The series is an adaptation of the best selling novel with the same name by Michael Dobbs. Till now there is a total of 73 episodes with 6 seasons to watch online.


Fans all around the world have been following the show right from it debuted back in 2013. The series was originally released on February 1, 2013. David Fincher is an executive producer of the show which makes it a treat for many around the world. The last season of the show was released on November 2, 2018. From then fans are speculating whether it’s over or a new season will be coming?

Why House of Cards was dropped?

The Netflix show House of cards was dropped in the middle because of the charge against Kevin Spacey. The show was performing phenomenally when it comes to ratings and reviews by critics until the association of Kevin Spacey in the sexual assault scandal.

The showrunners at that point chose to end the show with just six seasons proclaiming that this would be the last and the final season of the series.


The producers finished up the series via season 6 considering it the last season of the series. The explanation behind its cancellation was all about entertainer Kevin Spacey as he faced allegations against him.

The lead actor of the show has gained a solid fan base which eventually helped the show to rise. Making a show without him is somewhat intense for the makers to make another season.


As the House of cards is dropped by Netflix the delivery date for season 7 of House of cards isn’t yet uncovered however as Netflix has a past filled with continuing shows even after their cancellation we can still anticipate the arrival of the new season of House of cards by 2022.

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