Rising TikTok Star Dazharia Shaffer Passed Away Tragically at 18

Another tragedy strikes

TikTok has always been a platform for new creators. Many youngsters around the world use this platform show off their skills. It over the years has also motivated and spoiled the youth for all the wrong reasons. In recent time one more young TikTok artist gave up on her life.

Dazharia Shaffer, 18-year-old TikTok star dies by suicide. The 18-year-old was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was a popular TikTok star among the teenagers and was known as “Dee” on TikTok, a video sharing platform, and had 1.4 million followers. The teenager lost her life by suicide death on Tuesday.

Dazharia Shaffer | TikTok

The TikTok star’s father, Raheem Alla confirmed the news of her death through a video on TikTok. He thanked Dee’s fans and followers for supporting her and expressed the grief of losing his daughter alongside with a collage of her photos. Raheem Alla, on the page, that he created GoFundMe page where he mentioned that his “little jelly bean” was struggling through mental health problems and took her last breath on Monday. He added that he wasn’t ready to bury his child who was his little best friend. Raheem Alla broke down as he couldn’t express how deep he was affected by the loss of her sunshine.

Dazharia Shaffer | TikTok

On Monday, just a day before the confirmation of Dazharia’s death, she posted a series of videos, titled “last post” Dazharia’s fans expressed grief on her leaving Instagram and also expressed the sorrow on her death and prayed for her to have peace after death. Dazharia’s mom, Jennifer Shaffer, also confirmed her death by an emotional post on Facebook “I’m so heartbroken. I really can’t believe you’re going,”

At the end, an artist or any human has its own struggle so before giving up think about the lovable parents you have.

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