Is Sarah Shahi Dating Her Sex/Life Co-Star Adam Demos? Everything About The New Trending Gossip

The Coronavirus took away a lot of things from us but now that everything is settling down, the love is blooming once again everywhere. The two co-stars of the show Sex/Life who are in love in the show, seem to be in love in real life as well. Before we tell you more about the couple, let us talk about the show a little first.

About the Show:

Netflix presents the series “Sex/Life,” produced by Stacy Rukeyser and Belle Nuru Dayne. The show premiered on June 25, 2021, and was inspired by the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton.

The plot of the show revolves around a woman when an ex-boyfriend she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into the life of a woman whose bold sexual past collides with her married with kids present. Although the show has 5.5 ratings on IMDB, the show is definitely worth a watch.

About Sarah Shahi:

Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi, also known to many as Sarah Shahi,  is a former cheerleader of the NFL and an American actress. Her roles include Carmen on The L Word in 2008, Kate Reed on Fairly Legal for the USA Network (2011-2012), and Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest for the CBS network (2012-2016).

2018 was her year of starring in Reverie. She appeared in seven episodes of The Rookie as Jessica Russo, the main character’s romantic interest in City on a Hill on Showtime in 2019.

About Adam Demos:

Born May 24, 1985, Adam Demos is an Australian actor. In addition to starring in the Netflix film Falling Inn Love, the American television series Unreal, and the Australian television series Janet King, Andrew is also known for his role as Jake Taylor on Falling Inn Love.

In the year 2019, he starred alongside Christina Milian in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love, which was filmed in New Zealand. Demos starred in the Netflix series Sex/Life in 2020. Stacy Rukeyser, who also directed the show Sex/Life and worked on UnREAL, helped Demos get cast in the show.

Demos explains that there was an intimacy coordinator for the show, and everyone would discuss their comfort levels and how they would like the show to be intimate. As a result of so many practices, it would become much more comfortable than you would have expected by the time you finally performed it. There’s nothing you don’t talk about: hand movements, breathing, and everything else. You discuss the emotional journey of each individual’s breathing in sex scenes while also discussing their comfort level.

About The Two Co-stars Dating:

It was hard to stop gushing about her boyfriend as the 41-year-old actress revealed her newly discovered romance to People magazine. After meeting the actor at a makeup trailer park, Sarah stated that she was ‘blown away’ by him. Upon discovering that both had a great love for music and drinks, the two took an instant liking to each other.

The open displays of their romance on social media were doted captions as they flaunted their relationships in public. Earlier this month, she sent him a heartfelt romantic note and shared several selfies with him. A couple of posts later, the actress called Adam her forever. As well as the actor, Sarah is also been expressing her love for the actress on Instagram.

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