Jessica Chastain had one condition while filming full-frontal nudity? Scenes from a Marriage 2021


In the HBO series “Scenes from a Marriage,” Hannah Fierman and Rachel Brosnahan talked about shooting full-frontal nudity with Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.

During the latest episode of “The View,” Isaac and Chastain came together for what Isaac called a “surprise” full-frontal nude scene. Both admitted that they only agreed to their part if Isaac had to expose the same region of his body.

“I was shocked since I had no idea that it would happen,” Isaac remarked in the interview.

“You’re looking at it and thinking, ‘I’m cool with that.’ But I saw it on a laptop when it was really dark, and I didn’t realize what was going on down there. It was a pleasant surprise when I began to notice all of these things like,’ It’s full frontal.’ ” ‘No, what are you talking about

Chastain added that she only agreed to do full-frontal nudity if Isaac’s sequences were done in the same manner.

“I had to sell it, you know? I didn’t want the girls to be the only one with glasses on. Even though Jessica’s character is less ‘with it’ because she gets drunk a lot, I wanted it to be balanced.”

Isaac added that viewers will “have to spend some time” examining the scenes, “and you get to see everything.”

“When I first met Hagai, who wrote and directed the series, I told him that I was okay with all of the nudity but that he would have to display everything on my body that he showed on Oscar,” she added.

“I know it sounds strange, but I wanted my body to be seen in the shower scene in Episode 2… So now you’ve seen his body. For me, I wanted it to be equal.”

Chastain has spoken about her long-term connection with Isaac in an interview with People magazine.

“I’ve known Oscar for 20 years. We attended college together,” she explained to the publication. “We have a similar method. When I received the scripts, I immediately knew they would be like a play since the majority of it is just him and I conversing for an hour, occasionally not in calm.”

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