Gal Gadot Describes The Controversial “Imagine” Video As “in poor taste.”


Gal Gadot organized the celebrity video in March 2020, as governments around the world began their first experience of Covid lockdown.

Gal Gadot has kicked off the new year by addressing the contentious “Imagine” video, which became popular for all of the wrong reasons at the start of the worldwide outbreak.

Gal Gadot told InStyle in an interview for the magazine’s February edition that the video, which included stars such As Wiig, Jamie Dornan and Natalie Portman singing John Lennon’s hit song, “All Pure Intentions,” had “all good intentions,” but she acknowledged it was “in poor taste.”

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Gal Gadot filmed the video in March 2020, shortly before the first global lockdown of her life. Just as nations across the world went into lockdown for the first time, she uploaded it to Instagram with the message: “We are in this together; we will get through it together.”

The video immediately drew a reaction, with many people calling it “tone-deaf.” It was ridiculed in the months that followed.

“I find the conversation hilarious,” says former Miss Israel. “As the epidemic had hit Europe and Israel before it arrived in the US, I was seeing where everything was going. But (the video) was premature.”

Despite the admirable aims of the now-infamous video, Gadot acknowledged that “sometimes you don’t hit the bullseye.”

In October 2021, the star proved that she wasn’t afraid to make fun of or herself when she was given an award at Elle’s Women in Hollywood ceremony and used the opportunity to jokingly perform a few of the lyrics from “Imagine” on stage.

In the same interview, she said, “The next Cleopatra biopic will pay homage to her legacy. It’ll show how amazing and attractive she was, but also how calculating and clever she was, and how much of an impact she had on the world we live in today.”

Before the release of Cleopatra, Gadot will appear in another classic tale set in Egypt as Kenneth Branagh’s “Death On The Nile,” which has been delayed numerous times due to the epidemic, is finally scheduled to premiere in February.

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