These Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Spoilers Are Making Fans Crazy


The online community is buzzing about rumors of Season 4 spoilers. The recent interview with the voice cast for Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan only further fueled the fire.

Amanda Miller was quoted in an interview conducted by MyNavi, saying “If I told you one thing… I’d have to kill you all. She goes on to talk about the relationship between Mikasa and Levi in Season 4, “They’re getting a lot closer,” she said. “There might be something going on.”

It is important to note that the Isayama has been quoted saying that Levi does have feelings for Mikasa in past volumes. Attack On Titan Season 4 will cover the next major arc, “Uprising.”

The voice cast was asked about their favorite scenes from past seasons. Amanda Miller said, “The most memorable moment for me is when Eren’s titan form first came out and he was fighting with his bare hands against an armored titan. That was my favorite scene to voice act.”

  • Matthew Mercer said, “It’s gotta be the hot-bloodedness of Eren. I can’t get enough of his passion and intensity. It really compels me to push it even further in the studio when I’m acting out those kinds of scenes.”
  • Bryce Papenbrook went on to say, “It’s gotta be Eren yelling, ‘TITAN!’ It brings back memories of my childhood. Every time I yell it out, I get this really intense feeling.”

Levi x Mikasa

A fan also asked about the actors’ favorite characters in Season 4. Bryce Papenbrook said “My favorite character is gonna have to be Eren. I feel like he is one of the most dynamic characters, along with Mikasa. There are so many layers to them both.”

  • Matthew Mercer responded by saying, “I think it’d have to be Levi for sure. He’s got a lot more backstory that gets unveiled in Season 4.”
  • Amanda Miller responded with, “My favorite character would probably have to be Armin. I like how he’s always thinking about what’s best for his friends.”

Levi x Mikasa spoilers? (Season 4)

The voice cast said nothing more on the matter of Season 4 or Levi and Mikasa so fans were left to their own conclusions.

Levi x Mikasa is a popular canon ship in the Attack On Titan fandom. There were rumors of an anime-original ending for Season 3 where Historia Reiss would marry Eren Jaeger and not Rod Reiss because the producers wanted a “happy” ending so it could appeal to younger audience members. It was also rumored that this would be the end of Armin’s character arc.

There are rumors circulating that Season 4 will see Eren take on a leadership role. If Levi does indeed go out with Mikasa, it is possible the anime will do away with his character like they did in the original ending for Season 3.

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