Rush Mode removed from “Battlefield 2042”, but there is another way to play it

Added to " Battlefield 2042", Rush Mode was such an immediate success that DICE extended its time in the game. But, from the beginning, it had already been announced that he would be there for a limited time. The time has come and Rush mode is no longer available in the game .

The success of Rush mode, which condenses gameplay into smaller maps, with reduced number of players (16×16) and vehicles, was to make everything much more frantic and focused on infantry.

Many of the game's fans are disappointed by the withdrawal of Rush mode from “Battlefield 2042”, but it is still possible to use the mode in another way. The mode is still available in the “Battlefield Portal”, in the form of “Bad Company 2 Rush”, for that specific game.

rush mode
Rush Mode is still available on the Battlefield Portal for “Battlefield Bad Company 2”. Disclosure/DICE

That's what Battlefield 2042 Community Manager Kevin Johnson recalled on his Twitter account. “Rush has not been removed and will still remain in some form/theme on the “Battlefield Portal” for a few weeks or months. “Rush of Ages” has been extended based on community reception and will return in the future. This week is “Bad Company 2 Rush,” he stated.

“Battlefield 2042” is an exclusively multiplayer first-person shooter, unlike the other titles in the series that feature a single-player campaign mode. The game is developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts . It takes place in the not-too-distant future and features ultra-modern weapons, vehicles and drones.

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The “Battlefield Portal” is a platform launched to discover battles and experiences of free worlds of “Battlefield”, such as “Battlefield 2042”, “Battlefield 1942”, “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” and “Battlefield 3”, with custom modes and builder tools.

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