Babies born in the pandemic have developmental delay

Babies born in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic have slight delays in the development of motor and social skills. This delay occurs when these abilities are compared with those of children born just before the pandemic.

The data are from a small study carried out at Columbia University, in New York , in the United States. The research results were published in the scientific journal Jama Pediatrics and are not related to whether or not the mothers contracted Covid-19 during pregnancy.

simple tests

baby with microplastic
Tests involved, among other things, the manipulation of toys. Image: Chubykin Arkady (Shutterstock)

In a study of 255 babies, parents were asked about their children's communication, motor, problem-solving and social skills. These skills include simple things like yelling, rolling, smiling, and manipulating toys.

The main differences found were in gross and fine motor skills, which include rolling on your stomach or your back, or picking up a toy with both hands. Mean scores were lower compared to 52 babies born in the same hospitals but just before the pandemic.

Researchers were surprised

The results were surprising to researchers. They believed that the Covid-19 contamination of the mother was what determined the developmental delays of the babies, not the timing of their birth in relation to the pandemic.

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However, they have a possible explanation for this, which is the level of stress that a pregnant person may have gone through when having a pregnancy in the midst of the greatest health crisis of our generation. This would explain the fact that delays appear as small changes in averages and not in general rates.

no reason to panic

"We want parents to know that the findings in our small study don't necessarily mean this generation will be harmed later in life," study lead author Dani Dumitriu said at a news conference .

According to the researcher, this is a very early level of children's development, so there are many possibilities for intervention. As a result, it is not only possible, but likely, that these “pandemic babies” will be put on the right path in their development trajectory.


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