Covid-19 Vaccine May Delay Menstruation, Says Survey

A study by the Oregon Health and Science University in theUnited States and funded by the US government showed that women who received the Covid-19 vaccine had a delay of almost a day in their period.

The publication made in the journal “Obstetrics & Gynecology” also pointed out that the duration of the menstruation period was not changed. The study's lead author, Alison Edelman, said the effects were small and thought to be temporary as well.

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The survey was conducted with about 4,000 women and helps demystify information brought by online rumors about Covid-19 vaccines, in addition to unmasking false news about the side effects of vaccination.

According to the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, any change of less than eight days in the menstrual cycle is considered normal. The body still defends that the cycles usually last 28 days, but that this depends on each woman and each individual's life.

The survey analyzed information from 2.4 thousand women vaccinated: 55% with Pfizer , 35% with Moderna and 7% with Johnson & Johnson . Data from 1,500 unvaccinated women were also collected for comparison purposes. Both groups had six menstrual cycles evaluated, in the case of vaccinated women, three months before and three months after the application of the dose.

drawing of a uterus
Research says Covid-19 vaccine can delay menstruation. Image: Orawan Pattarawimonchai/Shutterstock

When taking the first dose of the vaccine, there was a delay of 0.64 days in menstruation, while in the second dose it was possible to see a delay of 0.79 days. According to the author of the research, the delay is related to the immune system.

Edelman explains that the immune system and the reproductive system are interconnected and with the acceleration of the defending organism, the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis is impacted, which would be the communication between the brain, ovary and uterus.

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