Fans call for Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man return

The campaign for a 4th Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film is stronger than ever, with fans urging Sony to give the green light for director Sam Raimi to return with a sequel to the trilogy that ended in 2007.

For those who have forgotten, or aren't old enough to remember, there was a time when the first Peter Parker trilogy to hit theaters actually had a fourth movie planned. After the release of "Spider-Man 3", which was centered on the dispute with the villain Venom , director Sam Raimi began to develop the film "Spider-Man 4".

The idea was to return with Spider-Man / Peter Parker by Tobey Maguire and MJ Watson by Kirsten Dunst, and involve several other characters from the comics, such as Vulture (which ended up debuting in theaters in 2017 in “Spider-Man: Back Ao Lar”) and Felicia Hardy. There were even discussions about who would take on the roles, with John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway being the favourites.

The film would have a release date for 2011 and the script was already in production, when Sony announced that "Spider-Man 4" would not leave the paper, deciding to restart the story of Spider with "The Spectacular Spider-Man", starring Andrew Garfield.

But even though Andrew Garfield's Webhead has his legion of fans, and Tom Holland's Peter Parker is more hot than ever, the Sam Raimi trilogy with Tobey Maguire as the hero lives in fans' hearts, and “ Spider-Man: No Return Home ” rekindled fan interest in a return to that universe.

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As we saw in DC #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, asking Warner Bros. to release the version of "Justice League" signed by director Zack Snyder, now #MakeRaimiSpiderMan4 is born, asking Sony to turn into reality the project of a "Spider-Man 4" directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire. It remains to be seen whether the campaign will have the same result as that of Snyder Cut .

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