From smart cradles to video monitors: see what's new for babies announced at CES 2022

Moms and dads concerned about the comfort and protection of their babies find several product options launched at CES 2022 especially to ensure the well-being and safety of little ones. And the offerings range from video monitors capable of detecting movement (the evolution of the old “electronic babysitters”) to a smart crib that rocks the child to sleep.

Monitors that alert parents about possible risk situations for their babies

Among the products highlighted at CES 2022 when it comes to technologies for babies, Amaryllo's iBabi Smart is undoubtedly one of the most innovative.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) , it has a high-powered CPU to perform advanced biometrics without the need for a computer. With this, this monitor can recognize when your baby cries or speaks, keep a daily report on the child's behavior and development, and alert parents about potentially dangerous situations.

Amaryllo iBabi Smart
Amaryllo's iBabi Smart smart monitor has cry and voice detector, face coverage identifier, 1080p HD camera and more. Image: Amaryllo

The Amaryllo iBabi Smart monitor has 360° tracking technology so the camera can rotate to see the baby's exact position. It also has 256-bit military-grade encryption, making your video feed safe to watch and share with friends and family.

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Another option in the industry is the Chillax Baby Mood AI, which has a spherical base containing a flexible corded neck that lets you point the camera with infrared night vision in virtually any direction. While some monitors are able to detect babies' breathing, this one goes a step further. Chillax can detect anything from a blanket covering a child's face to your baby rolling over.

Using machine learning techniques, bank-grade encryption and a privacy control switch, the Chillax Baby Mood AI is packed with a 4.3-inch full HD display called the parental unit to keep track of what the camera is focusing on, pacifier and sleep coach.

The IIA baby mood exclusively designed alongside the Parental Unit.
Chillax Baby Mood AI is a smart monitor that comes with a 4.3 inch full HD display called the parental unit to keep track of what the camera is focusing on, pacifier and sleep coach. Image: Chillax

Babysense Cloud Smart Mattress and Cradlewise Smart Cradle

In addition to the monitor options, there are also mattress and crib options. The Babysense Cloud, honored with the CES 2022 Innovation Award, is the first smart mattress for babies. He senses the child's micro-movements and is able to assess their sleep patterns, in addition to keeping an eye on the thermal conditions of the environment.

babysense cloud
Babysense Cloud Smart Mattress was honored with the CES 2022 Innovation Award. Image: BabySense Monitors

Another item that received an honorable mention for Innovation at the event was the Cradlewise, a smart crib for babies aged 0 to 2 years.

It has a built-in video monitor that lets you know that your child is waking up and is even able to rock the baby back to sleep – with music and rocking rhythm options.

One of the most interesting features of the Cradlewise crib is that it is self-adaptive, growing with the baby until the age of two.

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