HBO Max and HBO beat forecasts and together close 2021 with more than 73 million subscribers

HBO Max and HBO together reached 73.8 million subscribers in 2021, more than the company's projection of 70 million to 73 million new subscriptions. In the United States, streaming arrived in May 2020 and in Brazil only in June 2021, now reaching 46 countries – which gives the company the brand of great global success in such a short time.

To Deadline, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said 2021 was “the year HBO Max came along” and they still plan to release earnings and US and non-US subscriber numbers by the end of January.

HBO Max logo on smartphone screen.
HBO Max and HBO surpass forecasts and together close 2021 with more than 73 million subscribers. AFM Visuals/Shutterstock

One of the strategies that may have helped the service in attracting customers was the agreement with Warner Bros. , which allowed the presentation of films released in cinema simultaneously in streaming – which was the case of “Dune” and “Matrix Resurrections” . The measure, in fact, came due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation that prevented some viewers from going to the movies. However, this scheme is not expected to continue into 2022.

Despite having closed 2021 with a crescent, however, not everything was blooming at first. HBO Max had a slow start until it found its balance. After the initial brand confusion due to the existence of other HBO streaming apps on the market, HBO Max got distribution with Roku and a new setup with Amazon, which gave it access to two of the top US gateways.

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Still far from entering the UK, Italian and German markets, due to distribution agreements with Sky, Kilar added that the company plans to renegotiate contracts with the telecommunications concessionaire. The current agreements with the company run until 2024.

WarnerMedia, which owns HBO Max, plans to merge with Discovery later this year, as reported by Deadline, which could further leverage the platform's international reach.

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