How about "printing" a tattoo in a few seconds and running away from the needles?

If you're a lover of one of the world's oldest artistic techniques for body modification, but you're terrified of needles and don't want anything definitive, you'll like this new feature announced at CES 2022 : a digital tattoo printing machine.

In fact, it's the new version of a tattoo printer already launched at the 2020 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest technology fair in the world. At the time, the manufacturer announced the Prinker S , a portable device that can accommodate black or color cosmetic ink cartridges capable of making up to a thousand temporary tattoos each.

The Prinker M comes with a liquid solution to rub on the skin before applying tattoos, a battery charger, the printing device and an ink cartridge. Image: Prinker

Now, the startup (which is part of a Samsung startup acceleration program) brings a new model of the contraption: the Prinker M. Right away, you can already notice the main difference between them: the size. While the older model is 146mm x 56mm x 92mm and weighs 331g, the current one is lighter (248g) and smaller at 103mm x 55mm x 75mm, making it more ergonomic.

Another difference is that the Prinker M has a resolution of 1200 dpi and can print images up to 1000 mm long by 18 mm wide. The old model, on the other hand, has 1000 dpi resolution, but manages to print drawings a little wider (22 mm).

Print speed has been improved: while the Prinker S prints 76 mm per second, the more modern version achieves a speed of 100 mm per second. The battery runtime is the same in both models: 4 to 5 hours in operation and up to 10 hours in stand by.

Prinker's new tattoo printing machine, featured at CES 2022, is more compact than its previous version. Image: Prinker

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Portable temporary tattoo printer is available in Brazil through the startup's website

Featured in the CES 2022 Mobile Devices and Accessories category, Prinker M, like its predecessor, facilitates the creation and application of custom water-resistant, soap-washable temporary tattoos.

“It is the marriage of a new hardware and software eco system that produces synergy through the convergence of two totally different industries, IT and beauty”, says the product's official website.

It is mainly made up of 3 components: (1) the compact device; (2) the content platform, in which a variety of designs were provided by the iOS and Android systems and, finally, (3) the FDA registered cosmetic inks (US equivalent to our Anvisa), VCRP (Registration Program Cosmetics Volunteer) and CPNP (Notification of Cosmetic Products in Europe).

So, ready to go out printing designs on your skin? The product is on sale on the Prinker website for R$1,136.99 , and you can also find the previous version, for R$2,277.99 .

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