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How to confirm identity on Google Play?

In some situations, Google Play (the Android app store ) may ask you to confirm the identity of an account so that the user can make payments or redeem gift cards , for example.

The verification process, according to Google, works as a deterrent against cybercriminals and usually asks for a lot of information. In addition to the most basic ones, such as name, date of birth and address, you may need to send photos of documents.

To understand how the procedure works, we've prepared a guide on how to verify your identity on Google Play.

Why Google does account verification

When confirmation is required, the user will receive a notification like this on their cell phone: “It was not possible to complete the transaction. To continue, send the necessary documents using this form." The first tip is to follow all instructions sent by email.

Let's take a practical example: in case of invasion, for example, this verification — which in some cases can be done by filling out a form — confirms that a certain account registered with Google is in fact the user in question.

If the initial information is not enough, Google Play may ask you to send photos of your identity document or proof of residence as proof. It is essential that the documents sent, in addition to being valid and legible, present the same name informed before.

Google Play Store icon on a mobile screen
During the process, Google Play may ask you to send photos of your identity document or proof of residence. Image: BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

When it suspects a transaction carried out through Google Play, the platform may also ask for this verification to cross-reference the information with the information registered on Google. This process prevents third parties from being able to make purchases by taking advantage of payment data tied to an account.

The good news is: even if an account is compromised, the Play Store can request cancellation of all suspicious transactions within 14 days if the system opts for identity verification.

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to make proof of identity through the Google Pay page ( pay.google.com ). To do this, click on the highlighted bell icon and go to 'Check Now' to proceed. In the end, Google will also make available a verification form.

Image: Google/Disclosure

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How long does Google Play identity verification take?

It all depends on each case and account settings. For advertisers, for example, under Google's rules, the process of confirming identity can take longer than usual, from three to five business days.

What to do if there are problems with the verification?

Even if the process fails, an email will be sent with further instructions if the user wishes to appeal the decision. Another possibility is to contact Google directly at the following address: support.google.com/pay/gethelp .

Through Talk to Us, you can briefly explain the problem. Then, there is the option to proceed with the service via chat or e-mail to try to solve the case.

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