Legion Y90 appears in detail in Lenovo video teaser

A video revealed all the details of the design of the smartphone gamer Legion Y90, which has not yet been released. The teaser shows details of the back and the front of the future device from Lenovo .

Watch the Legion Y90 video by clicking below.

Interestingly, the video teaser of Legion Y90 reveals that the screen with curved glasses has not only an upper edge, on which the selfie camera sits, but also a lower edge. So, we see that Lenovo has chosen a path that few flagships are betting on these days.

Legion Y90 gamer smartphone design is revealed in a Lenovo teaser video
Legion Y90 gamer smartphone design is revealed in a Lenovo teaser video / Disclosure: Lenovo

In addition, its design not only draws attention to the questionable front, but also because of the large camera module on the back. We already know from another teaser that it will have a dual fan cooling system, but the video shows how it looks on the sides of the device.

Last month, another teaser (this one without video) confirmed the phone's name, Legion Y90, which marks a new nomenclature for Lenovo's gamer line, with double digits for smartphones, three for tablets and four digits for notebooks . Lenovo's new smartphone gamer will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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